Minister Biography

Mourning Glory Ministry

Minister Teresa Stewart Davis is the daughter of the late Deacon Joe & Joyce Stewart. She is also the mother of two; a daughter Latrice age 33 and a son Jermel, 27. Having lost her husband (Rev. Charles Bell) in August of 2007, Prophetess Davis recently remarried and has joined in Holy Matrimony with her new prince Moses Davis.

Under the leadership of Pastor H.B. Johnson and at age 20, Prophetess Davis accepted Christ and acknowledged her calling at the Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church. After which, she was Led by the Holy Spirit to Killeen, TX, where she would begin a ministry of evangelism. In fact, God has dealt with prophetess Davis in the area of dreams, visions, and revelations.

Prior to losing her former husband, she and Rev. Bell worked side by side conducting street services in the city of Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, she held conferences specializing in the needs of women. She has preached and taught the gospel in prisons, churches, and hospitals of various states. Prophetess Davis has always had a place in her heart for people in pain, and was inspired to volunteer her time with Hospice Care.

Recently, she moved from Florida to El Paso where she has rejoined the church of her youth, Mt. Olive Baptist Church. After which, she became licensed as a Prophetess under the leadership of Pastor Nathaniel and Apostle Connie Austin, where she now serves.

Of late, Minister Davis has formed Mourning Glory Ministries, which aims to address the special needs of widows, widowers and others who have lost a loved one. She believes that, through the word of God, one can be delivered and made whole again.

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Christian House of Prayer,
Killeen TX Bishop Nathaniel and Valerie Holcomb Served on the minister team, prison ministry and as a counselor.

The Potter's House, Dallas TX Bishop T.D. Jakes & Serita Jakes Served on the prison ministry: Connected to ministry with Juvenile Corrections

Redeeming Word Christian Center Int. Ft. Lauderdale Fl Pastor Ed & Yvette Brinson Served on the Intercessory team.

Eulogized 3 Funeral Services: Brother, Father & Husband Founder of Mourning Glory Widow's Ministries

God Blesses Us with New Beginnings

Soon after the passing of Teresa Stewart Davis’ husband in August of 2007, she was called by God to begin the task of starting a new ministry. In fact, God began moving in all areas of her life, and the new ministry began to take shape and came to fruition in February of 2008. Later that same year, God would move in her personal life bringing her much joy. On November 10, 2009, God joined Teresa and her new prince, Moses Davis, in Holy Matrimony. Like her favorite quote, a new morning was birthed from the midnight hour of her life. Praise God!

Teresa Stewart Davis' favorite quote: "Midnight is a birthing of a new morning. We know that every midnight has to pass, and that we are not stuck in the midnight hour of our life, soon the morning will come and bring new life."

In Loving Memory of
Joyce Stewart

In Loving Memory of a
Caring Husband and Father
Deacon Joe Stewart
Born: 1-19-1928
Passed: 5-30-2002

In Loving Memory of a
Great Husband and Rev.
Rev. Charles Bell
Born: 2-4-1960
Passed: 8-17-2007